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January 2022

Father Ted Sellotape Dispenser

October 2021

PageTurn Universal

April 2021

Learning SwiftUI

March 2021

SwiftUI Core Data bugOne Shoesworth of RunningDMDBVaccine Progress Tracker

February 2021


January 2021


November 2020

RunningThe Secret of Saint Nick

October 2020


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August 2020

This year's scariest Halloween mask.Exam resultsCamera Button

July 2020

Changing PocketscapesTwo ImprovisationsEmpire Strikes BackRedbeardMars in 4KBlack Holes in the SkyThree Improvisations

June 2020

AgeThe five stages of meeting your supervisorQuatuor pour la fin du temps

December 2019

AirPods Pro Bluetooth Latency

September 2019

Viva passed!

March 2019

PageTurn ReleaseProgramming without procrastinating.

February 2019

Performance and Practice

January 2019

PodStand improvementsMaking a better WiFi piano

September 2018

WiFi Piano

May 2018

Repeal the 8th amendment

April 2018

What is 'Retina' resolution for a headset?Taking[Up][In][Off][Away]Guest Appearance on Worst Case Scenario

March 2018

Peter Rosser Award Shortlist

February 2018

How the YouTube seek bar should work

November 2017

A year with AirPods, or, how my AirPods fell into the toilet and lived to tell the tale

May 2017

iPad Smart TrackpadMy sync and backup setupHow much I've earned on the App Store

February 2017

I have been a programmer for many years

January 2017

One Year In

December 2016

AirPods Latency

September 2016

When Bluetooth Audio Latency Matters

April 2016

The Pi Zero Simpsons Shuffler

March 2016

Ballyliffin, Donegal
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